Do’s & Don’ts of Saving Money

Tips to Saving Money

Do: Plan ahead when grocery shopping. Cut coupons, make a list, and price match. How much money can you save in one trip to the store?

Don’t: Impulse buy or use coupons just because you have them. Going into the grocery store without a plan is dangerous! Make sure that you are monitoring what you are buying and aren’t frivolously spending money on things you don’t need.

Do: Buy in larger quantities. Most stores offer discounts for buying in bulk. Refrigerate or freeze leftover food to last longer.

Don’t: Waste leftovers. Bring these items for lunch, or save for the next night. You’ll save money and get to enjoy a delicious meal one more time.

Do: Eat at home! Not only can you save money by cooking at home – your health will thank you later.

Don’t: Buy fast food. These items may seem more convenient – but can end up being more expensive in the long run. Save money and your waist line by avoiding fast food when you can.

Do: Utilize cell phone savings. Monitor cell phone usage and downgrade to a lower plan if you can. How much can you save on your cell phone bill by reducing to a lower plan each month? $10…$20?

Don’t: Ignore group discounts. Check with your cell phone provider to see if they offer discounts for being a part of a certain organization, employer or university. You could save over 20% by simply entering in your email address.

Do: Build an emergency fund.

Don’t: Try to predict the future. It’s impossible to know when you may need cash for an emergency. Plan ahead and start saving for the “just in case” moments in life.

Do: Pay bills on time. Avoid late fees that can add up and sometimes even affect your credit score.

Don’t: Ignore the bills. You could try the bank – but if you can’t be approved for a traditional loan, or don’t have time to wait for one, or just don’t need that much money, you don’t need to fret! TitleMax® can help you get the cash you need with a vehicle title loan or title pawn. Get the cash you need, and avoid the stress of worrying about missing bills. Check out how TitleMax® can help you and see how title loans work!