The Best Money-Saving Browser Extensions

Online shopping is a game-changer. When you realize you have a big presentation at work Friday, nothing to wear, and no time to shop, you can solve the problem with just a little bit of time on your computer: Soon, the perfect outfit will be on the way, to be delivered to your house by Thursday. Forget to buy your kid’s best friend a birthday present and the party’s this weekend? A few minutes online can take care of that, too. Of course, the convenience of online shopping also means it’s easy to spend too much money. But not to worry: Promo codes, online coupons, and cashback offers have been around almost as long as online shopping has. Previously, you had to search for them online as you shopped, but nowadays, it’s even easier to take advantage of these deals. Just download one or more of these money-saving browser extensions and you can shop with confidence, knowing that the best deal will be yours.

Amazon Assistant (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Amazon Assistant is a must-have for the hardcore Amazon shopper. Amazon Assistant will notify you of today’s deals, show you prices for items you’re interested in from around the Web (and send you off to another website if you so choose), update you on the status of your orders, and provide a time-saving shortcut to your order history. It will also allow you to add products from other websites to your Amazon wish lists and registries.

The Camelizer by CamelCamelCamel (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Are you a heavy Amazon, NewEgg, or Best Buy shopper? You need the Camelizer. The Camelizer lets you track the price history of an item so you can see how it’s trending. It also alerts you to price drops so you can time your purchase to the next sale. After you set up your alerts, the extension will send you emails about price drops. The Camelizer doesn’t require you to set up an account, but if you do, you’ll rid the extension of ads. The extension has come and gone from the Chrome Web Store, so if you can’t find it, check back.

Cently (Chrome)

Cently works silently in the background. As you shop, it searches for valid promo codes that fit the goods in your shopping cart. Unlike some other extensions, Cently stays quiet until you are ready to check out. It then pops up with information about any applicable promo codes. It also plugs the code in for you (some other extensions require you to copy and paste the code in). Cently was previously known as Coupons at Checkout. The company claims that users have saved $10,000,000 using their service.

CouponCabin Sidekick (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)

CouponCabin introduced this extension to help people search for coupons and promo codes from popular online retailers. However, CouponCabin Sidekick also focuses on helping you earn cashback on your purchases. When you use a website that offers cashback, the extension will display the percentage of cashback available above the store logo. It will also display any valid coupons. You will need to sign up for a CouponCabin account to get cashback. This extension also shows you cash-back offers and promo code information in your Google search results.

Fakespot (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

Have you ever been shopping online and found a new website offering great deals or a new product at a great price? Before you buy, you’ll read the reviews, of course. But how can you know the reviews are legitimate? It’s a real concern! And it’s an issue the Fakespot extension was designed to correct. Fakespot analyzes customer reviews and tells you about which write-ups can be trusted and which they think are false.

Honey (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)

Honey doesn’t publish the number of stores they partner with, but it’s a lot of stores, and they work with all of the major online retailers. Their database is constantly updated, so your chances of finding a valid promo code are increased. With the Honey extension, a small box will appear on the right side of your browser when you click through to a retailer’s checkout page. The extension shows you all available codes. You simply click “Try Codes” and Honey will test all of the promo codes in its database and apply the one that will save you the most money. Want to know if coupons are available before you check out? Honey’s got you covered. The extension icon will change from gray to orange when coupons are available at the website you are currently browsing.

Invisible Hand (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

The Invisible Hand is named for the idea first expressed by economist Adam Smith in his 18th-century book The Wealth of Nations. The basic idea is that the invisible hand is what keeps the supply and demand of available goods in equilibrium in a free-market society. Similarly, this browser extension is the invisible hand keeping your desire to buy things and your budget in sync! Invisible Hand tracks prices as you shop and lets you know if there’s a better price elsewhere: If you are on website A looking at a fancy cooler, the Invisible Hand extension will let you know that the cooler is available for a better price on website B. The extension will also let you know about any applicable promo codes or coupons. Unlike some other extensions, though, you will have to enter the codes manually. Invisible Hand also works when you are planning a trip, letting you know if a cheaper flight, hotel room, or rental car is available.

PriceBlink (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

The main strength of the PriceBlink extension is how well it works as a price comparison tool. As you shop, it will show you which other websites offer the product you’re looking at and what the price is there. There’s no need to check multiple websites when shopping for a new winter parka; PriceBlink shows prices from across the Internet quickly. PriceBlink also offers coupon codes, but it’s not as seamless as some of the other extensions. PriceBlink will let you know there’s a valid coupon, and you then choose the coupon from a dropdown menu, which will send you to the PriceBlink website. After you click “reveal,” you gain access to the coupon and can return to the retailer’s website to complete your purchase.

Rakuten Cash Back Button (Chrome)

Rakuten was formally known as Ebates and was an early pioneer of the idea of cashback for shopping online. Before the introduction of the extension, Ebates/Rakuten users had to first go to the Rakuten website and then click on the retailer where they wished to shop. The extension makes the process easier: Customers go directly to the website where they want to shop, and the extension notifies them of any cash-back offers and how much cashback is currently being offered. These extensions are particularly helpful when you need to make a big, emergency purchase that’s unexpected.

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