Phoenix, AZ Title Loans

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Situations arise when you need money fast. If your credit isn’t perfect, you may think that you can’t get a loan. You may not quality for a traditional loan, but a title loan could be the solution. Title loans also make it possible to borrow money fast without waiting for a lengthy approval process that’s standard for many lending institutions. Stop stressing over money woes and let us help with a title loan!

Overview of Title Loans

It doesn’t matter why you need cash fast, whether it’s to pay bills, pay your mortgage, or to buy something more frivolous. Think of a title loan as a type of pawn, except instead of pawning a ring or a watch, you are pawning your car as collateral for a loan. We don’t hold your car, though: We just hold the title until you finish repaying the loan. The beauty of our car title loans is the fast approval time. As long as you have a lien-free car title, which means that you don’t owe any money on your car, you may qualify for a title loan. Phoenix customers can relax knowing that our approval process is streamlined to make it as simple as possible. Most of the time, we complete the entire process in about 30 minutes, sending you on your way with the cash you need.

Advantages of Title Loans

For car owners in Phoenix, title loans have several advantages. Not only is the approval process fast and easy, but we can usually put more money in your pocket than our competitors. What’s more, our interest rates are very competitive to those other lenders, so you could save money with Phoenix title loans. We may even be able to help you refinance a title loan from another lender by paying off your other loan and approving a new loan with us at a competitive interest rate to save you money. With a title loan, we’ll hold your title during the course of the loan until you make the final payment, but you keep your car. We know that you depend on your car, so it stays with you. Phoenix, AZ, car owners can visit one of our convenient office locations to speak with a customer service representative.

How to Apply

You may be surprised at the simplicity of applying for auto title loans. Phoenix car owners can either stop in to speak with a customer service representative or begin the process online. As long as you are 18 years of age or older, your vehicle is registered in your name, and you have a lien-free title, we can help you. Bring your title and a government-issued identification card when applying for auto title loans. Phoenix is the home of several TitleMax® stores conveniently located throughout the city. Speak with a representative about your title loan. The representative will perform a quick appraisal of your car. Your loan amount will be based on the amount of money you need, your car’s value, and your income. After completing simple paperwork, we will process your loan within just a few moments. Sign a few papers and we send you on your way with your cash.

Repaying the Loan

Follow your repayment terms carefully to keep your loan in good standing. You can either repay the loan according to the specified schedule or you can pay it off early, without incurring a penalty. At the end of the loan period, customers can make a final payment or choose to renew their car title loans. Phoenix car owners who need more time to pay back a loan might choose to renew the title loan without issue. If you do decide to pay off the title loan on the original schedule, stop in at one of our stores, make the final payment, and we will release and return your title to you immediately.