Content written by Bonnie Gringer

  • Travel Accessibility and Tips for Travelers with Disabilities

    Disabled travelers may need special services and accommodations to travel safely and successfully, and they have a right to these services by law. Depending on the destination, accessibility may be a challenge, especially when traveling internationally. Because everyone has unique needs, providing accessibility will require different things from person to person. However, with advance planning, […]

  • Model Railroads and Freight Cars

    Model railroading is a hobby that involves a variety of components, and it is suitable for people of all ages. People can pursue this hobby in ways that fit their innate interests and skills. Delving into model railroading can be an enjoyable way to learn about history. Enthusiasts can also learn useful construction and carpentry […]

  • Resources for Off-Roading Safely

    Leaving your automobile in the garage and venturing off the highways promises to be exhilarating. Before you begin off-road driving, it is important to learn how to control your vehicle in a variety of conditions, what to pack, and how to drive responsibly and safely. Off-roading safety should be your top priority, and it’s also important to leave as […]

  • A Timeline of the Corvette

    World War II brought about a lot of changes in the world, including the introduction of the European two-seater cars in America. These fast, sporty cars inspired Project Opel. The “dream car” concept produced from this effort was first introduced at the 1953 Motorama car show: a full-scale model of the Corvette. Even though the car […]

  • A Motorcycle Safety Guide for New Riders

    Perhaps you’ve seen people racing motorcycles on TV or riding in your area and thought of how much fun it looks like they’re having. Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling, but it’s important to remember that it can also be dangerous. Within the past decade, nearly 5,000 fatalities per year were caused by motorcycle accidents. Most of […]

  • Happy Halloween!

    Are you prepared for the slew of hungry trick-or-treaters tonight? One of the best parts of Halloween is an excuse to indulge your sweet tooth, so we compiled a list of our top 10 favorite candies – you won’t find any candy corn here! Twix 3 Musketeers Double Bubble Gum Sour Patch Kids Kit Kat […]

  • TitleMax® Gets “Flexible”!

    TitleMax® is committed to helping more people in Tennessee with Flex Loans/Flexible Line of Credit! In our continued efforts to offer you more, we’ve added Tennessee line of credit loans (“LOC”), also referred to as flexible/flex loans. This is one of the many new products and services available at TitleMax® including the TitleMax® Mobile App. […]

  • ¡Mes de La Herncia Hispana y en Español!

    En honor y celebración del Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana, TitleMax® tiene el gusto de anunciar su compromiso de proporcionar apoyo adicional a nuestra población multicultural cada vez más diversa. Comenzando con el lanzamiento de más de 50 páginas del sitio web de TitleMax® traducidas, además de personal bilingüe y garantías en más de […]

  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so make yourself aware of the potential symptoms and causes! While many women diagnosed with breast cancer didn’t have symptoms, always be on the lookout for: Any change in the size or the shape of the breast. Pain in any area of the breast. Nipple discharge other than breast […]

  • in Spanish!

    In Honor and Celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, TitleMax® is excited to announce its commitment to providing additional support for our increasingly diverse multicultural population. Starting with the launch of over 50 translated TitleMax® website pages, and staffed with in-store bilingual associates and collateral at over 300 TitleMax® locations, TitleMax® has found it essential […]