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The journey into home ownership can be a great adventure, but one with many steps and months of challenges to pursue before achieving this great milestone. First time home buyers may find the home buying process to be complex and intimidating from finding the right-forever home, to understanding financing, to maneuvering through contracts before getting to the closing table... One way to minimize the fear of the home buying process is to gain knowledge and guidance. The objective of this series is to help first time home buyers understand the steps and gain a good level of knowledge and confidence within the home buying process. An informed buyer is a confident buyer.

Transportation has shaped our society across the broadest possible spectrum from both practical purposes, as a tool for survival, to aesthetics, as a personal expression and style and a millennium worth of history and science from the Orient Express offering transportation in 1883 to the Japanese Bullet train today that travels 200 MPH, vehicles are critical to our existance and at the same time sensationalized in film, as depicted in James Bond films and unusual video game vehicles. Few things we own have as much importance as the vehicles we own or dream to own one day .

The key to enjoying personal financial health is by making the most of the money you have. It always helps to save a little more, spend a little less, and manage what you have today. Get to know tips and creative ways to live better on less. Learn how to get resourceful by recycling, and even how to make extra cash on what you don’t need. Financial fluctuation may be inevitable from time to time. How you handle and plan for it can make all the difference. Let's start planning today for a more enjoyable tomorrow and more empowered future.

The key to maintaining financial health is not only in the planning and managing of one's personal assets but in understanding the basics and evolution of the economy. The economy affects every part of our lives, yet many school districts do not offer economics and graduating without it is possible. In our households, money is rarely discussed, except for the idea of running out of it. Let's all start taking a proactive approach to becoming well-rounded in economics and finance, in order to make better everyday decisions for ourselves, and generations to come.

  1. Account Balances of the World
  2. Debts Owed by the US and Owed to the US
  3. A Map of Disney's Worldwide Assets
  4. Childhood Food Insecurity in the US
  5. Corporate Tax by Country Around the World
  6. How Long it Would Take the 30 Richest Americans to Make America’s Median Annual Salary?
  7. 18 Travel Pros Share Their Best Tips for Saving Money on Vacation
  8. How Many Dollar Bills Are in Circulation?
  9. Royal Titles Around The World
  10. Banknote Security Around the World
  11. The Richest Person by State
  12. Most Shipped Items to and From the U.S.
  13. What the Most Profitable Companies Make Per Second
  14. Winter Holiday Spending Per Capita
  15. Profits of 50 Films From the Past Decade
  16. The Affordability of Water Around the World
  17. ZIP Codes Highest Percent Unemployment
  18. Companies That Hired the Most in 2017
  19. Everything That Amazon Has Owned or Invested in Since 1998
  20. Household Income in America
  21. How Much $100 of Goods and Rent Really Costs in Each State
  22. Top 25 Countries With The Most Billionaires
  23. Average Commute to Work by State and City
  24. Ancient Currency: Coin Standards
  25. Companies That Could Eliminate Poverty
  26. Where Real Estate Prices Are Rising Fastest
  27. The Median Debt of Americans by Age, Education, and Other Demographics
  28. The Wealthiest and Poorest Counties in Every U.S. State
  29. The Wealthiest Historical Figures and How Much They Would be Worth in Today's Dollars
  30. The Wealth of U.S. Presidents
  31. The 20 Biggest Bankruptcies in United States History
  32. Organizations With The Best & Worst Reputations
  33. Where in the US Has the Worst Electricity Bills?
  34. The 25 Highest-Grossing Media Franchises of All Time
  35. Where Millennials Struggle the Most Financially in the United States
  36. The Revenue of Fast Food Chains in America
  37. The World’s 100 Most Valuable Brands and When They Were Founded
  38. Salaries vs. Education: Costs of 50 Common U.S. Jobs
  39. The Top 100 Colleges in the U.S., Ranked by Tuition

Discover what’s happening in the world in media, entertainment, daily news and trends and how they affect our daily lives and interests.Learn about a broad variety of topics that will inspire you and how you live, dress, shop, entertain, socialize and care for yourself each day. 

  1. Financial Advice from Fiction Characters
  2. The Top 100 Verified Oldest People and What We Can Learn From Them
  3. What 1,500 Calories Looks Like at 25 Fast Food Restaurants
  4. Past 50 Years of Category 5 Hurricanes
  5. The Scariest Urban Legends in Each State
  6. Every Product Apple Has Made So Far
  7. The Most-Searched Tourist Destination in Every State in 2018
  8. 40 Small Ways to Save Money
  9. Could Automation Replace Your Job
  10. 55 Popular Diet Swaps to Satisfy Every Craving
  11. Healthcare Costs Across America
  12. 50 Common Misconceptions Debunked
  13. 50 Cognitive Biases to be Aware of so You Can be the Very Best Version of You
  14. Superheroes Ranked by Their Box Office Earnings
  15. The Most Yelp-Reviewed Restaurant in the Biggest City of Every State
  16. 42 Scientifically Proven Ways to Improve Your Mood
  17. The Highest OSHA Fines Issued in Every State Since 2015
  18. 29 Psychological Pricing Tricks and Tactics Used to Make People Buy More
  19. 100 TV Shows, Ranked by Their Final Episode
  20. Peppers Ranked by Scoville Heat Units
  21. Everything Facebook Owns: Mergers and Acquisitions from the Past 15 Years
  22. The Most Polluted Major Cities in America
  23. The Top 25 MLMs by Revenue
  24. The 100 Smallest Countries in the World
  25. 20 Fictional Dystopian Currencies
  26. Hidden Treasures Around the World
  27. The Deadliest Known Natural Disasters by Type
  28. Odds and Chances of Death by Activity and Behavior
  29. Life Expectancy by State in the United States
  30. Safest and Most Dangerous Cars on the Road
  31. The Trash One Person Produces in One Year
  32. The Most and Least Educated Cities in the United States by Educational Attainment
  33. The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities of the Past 5 Years
  34. First Car of 35 Famous People
  35. Who Owns Your News? The Top 100 Digital News Outlets and Their Ownership
  36. 50 Tips to Boost and Sustain Your Productivity
  37. Jobs Reachable by Number of Minutes in 49 U.S. Metropolitan Areas
  38. The Top 50 Highest-Grossing Video Game Franchises
  39. The 25 Highest-Grossing Films of the 2010s
  40. U.S. Counties With the Best and Worst Quality of Life in Every State
  41. The United States of Sandwiches
  42. The Top 10 Richest Billionaires by Year Since 1987
  43. The 40 Most Valuable North American Sports Franchises
  44. The United States Ranked by the Oldest City in Each State
  45. Which Businesses Have the Most Physical Locations Around the World?
  46. Which Universities Have the Most Billionaire and Millionaire Alumni?