A Map of Disney's Worldwide Assets

Who owns ESPN? Who owns ABC? Does Disney own Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar? The answer is yes, and more — a lot more. We’ve made a map of the companies owned by Disney along with the wide swath of departments and Walt Disney Company subsidiaries. Massive corporations may be too big to grasp sometimes, but this huge list of assets of the Walt Disney Corporation can help media consumers untangle the great network of the mouse.

A Map of Disney’s Worldwide Assets infographic

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The Companies Disney Owns Transcript

A Map of the Walt Disney Company’s Worldwide Assets

Company, Logo, Profits, [Industry] Nested Company 1 [Industry] Nested Company 2 [Industry] Nested Company 3 [Industry] Nested Company 4 [Industry]
Walt Disney Studios Walt Disney Pictures, [Film]
Wall Disney Animation Studios, [Film] Disney Toon Studios, [Film/TV]
Pixar Animation Studios, [Film]
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Distribution), [Film] Touchstone Pictures, [Film]
Walt Disney Studios Marketing, [Film]
Worldwide Special Events, [Misc.]
Buena Vista Theatres Inc., [Film] Disney Studio Store, [Consumer Goods]
El Capitan Theatre [Theater]
El Capitan Entertainment Centre [Theater]
Lucasfilm Ltd., [Film] Industrial Light & Magic, [Film]
Lucasfilm Animation, [Film/TV] Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, [Film/TV]
Lucas Arts, [Gaming]
Lucas Licensing, [Consumer Products/Misc.] Lucas Books, [Publishing]
Lucas Online, [Gaming/Misc.]
Skywalker Sound, [Film]
Disney Corporate, [Misc.] Disney Marketing [Misc.]
Disney Enterprises Inc. [Misc.]
Disney Worldwide Services Inc. [Misc.]
The Disney Children’s Center Inc. [Misc.]
Earth Star Inc., [Misc]
Synergy Group [Misc.]
Disney Music Group, [Music/Radio] Walt Disney Records, [Music/Radio]
Hollywood Records, [Music/Radio] DMG Nashville [Music/Radio]
Disney Music Publishing, [Music/Radio] Agarita Music [Music/Radio]
Buena Vista Music Co. [Music/Radio]
Falferious Music [Music/Radio]
Five Hundred South Songs [Music/Radio]
Fuzzy Muppet Songs [Music/Radio]
Holpic Music Inc. [Music/Radio]
Hollywood Pictures Music [Music/Radio]
Mad Muppet Melodies [Music/Radio]
Marvel Comics Music [Music/Radio]
Pixar Music [Music/Radio]
Pixar Talking Pictures [Music/Radio]
Seven Peaks Music [Music/Radio]
Seven Summits Music [Music/Radio]
Touchstone Pictures Music & Songs Inc. [Music/Radio]
Utapau Music [Music/Radio]
Walt Disney Music Company [Music/Radio]
Wampa-Tauntaun Music [Music/Radio]
Wonderland Music Company [Music/Radio]
Disney Concerts [Music/Radio]
Disney Theatrical Group, [Theater] Disney Theatrical Productions, [Theater]
Disney Live Family Entertainment, [Theater] Walt Disney Special Events Group, [Theater]
Disney Theatrical Licensing, [Theater]
New Amsterdam Development Corp. [Theater] New Amsterdam Theatre, [Theater]
New Amsterdam Theatrical Productions Inc., [Theater]
Walt Disney Theatrical Worldwide Inc., [Theater]
Buena Vista Theatrical Ventures Inc., [Theater]
Buena Vista Theatrical Merchandise LLC, [Theater]
Disney Studio Services, [Film] Disney Digital Studio Services – Studio Post Production, [Film]
Studio Production Services, [Film], Walt Disney Studios (Burbank), [Film]
Golden Oak Ranch, [Film]
Prospect Studios, [Film]
KABC7 Studio B, [Film]
Walt Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products Disney Licensing, [Misc.] Disney Baby, [Consumer Goods],
Disney Retail, [Consumer Goods] Disney Store, [Consumer Goods] Disney Store North America, [Consumer Goods]
Disney Store Europe, [Consumer Goods]
Disney Store Japan, [Consumer Goods]
Disney Shopping Inc., [Consumer Goods]
Disney Direct Response Publishing Inc., [Consumer Goods]
Disney Integrated Retail, [Consumer Goods]
Disney Games and Interactive Experiences, [Gaming] Disney Mobile, [Gaming] Starwave Mobile, [Gaming]
Disney Canada Inc., [Gaming]
Gamestar, [Gaming]
Rocket Pack, [Gaming]
DCPI Labs Team, [Gaming] The Muppets Studio, [Gaming]
DCPI Content [Misc.] DCPI Content & Media, [Misc.] Advanced Media [Misc.]
Social Media and Micro Content, [Misc.]
Disney Co/Op Custom Content, [Misc.]
Disney Publishing Worldwide, [Publishing] Disney Core Publishing, [Publishing] Disney Magazine Publishing Inc., [Publishing] Disney Comics Inc., [Publishing]
Disney Libri, [Publishing]
Disney Libros, [Publishing]
Disney Book Group (Disney Book Publishing Inc.), [Publishing] Disney Hyperion, [Publishing]
Disney Jump at the Sun, [Publishing]
Disney Press, [Publishing]
Disney Editions, [Publishing]
Marvel Press, [Publishing]
ESPN Books, [Publishing]
Digital Publishing – Disney Book Apps, [Publishing]
Disney Learning, [Publishing] Disney Educational Productions, [Publishing]
Disney English, [Publishing]
Disney Imagicademy, [Publishing]
CrossGen, [Publishing]
Disney Parks Merchandising World of Disney Stores, [Consumer Goods]
Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development Inc., [Property and Parks] Walt Disney Creative Entertainment, [Property and Parks]
Disney Research China, [Property and Parks]
Disneyland Destinations, [Property and Parks]
Disney Sports Enterprises, [Property and Parks] ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, [Property and Parks]
RunDisney, [Property and Parks]
Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons, [Property and Parks]
Disneyland Resort, [Property and Parks] Disneyland Inc., [Property and Parks] Disneyland, [Property and Parks]
Disney California Adventure, [Property and Parks]
Downtown Disney, [Property and Parks]
Disneyland Hotel, [Property and Parks]
Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, [Property and Parks]
Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel, [Property and Parks]
Walt Disney World Resort, [Property and Parks] Walt Disney World Company, [Property and Parks]
Compass Rose Corporation, [Property and Parks]
Walt Disney Travel Company, [Property and Parks]
Walt Disney World Hospitality and Recreation Corporation, [Property and Parks]
Disneyland Paris, [Property and Parks] Disneyland Park, [Property and Parks]
Walt Disney Studios Park, [Property and Parks]
Hong Kong International Theme Parks, [Property and Parks] Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, [Property and Parks] Hong King Disneyland, [Property and Parks]
Inspiration Lake, [Property and Parks]
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, [Property and Parks]
Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, [Property and Parks]
Disney’s Explorer Lodge, [Property and Parks]
Shanghai Disney Resort, [Property and Parks]
Disney Signature Experiences, [Property and Parks] Adventures by Disney, [Property and Parks]
Aulani, [Property and Parks]
Disney Cruise Line, [Property and Parks]
Castaway Cay, [Property and Parks]
Port Canaveral, Florida, [Property and Parks]
Disney Vacation Club Management Corp., [Property and Parks] Disney Vacation Development Inc., [Property and Parks]
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, [Property and Parks]
Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, [Property and Parks]
Palm Financial Services Inc., [Finance]
Reedy Creek Improvement District, [Property and Parks], Reedy Creek Energy Services, [Property and Parks]
Bay Lake, Florida, [Property and Parks]
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, [Property and Parks]
Buena Vista Construction Company, [Property and Parks]
Disney-ABC Television Group [Television], American Broadcasting Companies Inc., [Television]
Disney/ABC Television Group Digital Media, [Misc.]
American Broadcasting Company, [Television]
ABC News, [Television and Music/Radio] ABC News Radio, [Music/Radio]
ABC News All Media, [Television] ABC News Productions, [Television]
Lincoln Square Productions, [Television]
A&E Networks, [Television] A&E Network, [Television] A&E, [Television]
Crime & Investigation Network, [Television]
FYI, [Television]
A+E International, [Television] A+E Networks Latin America, [Television]
A+E Network UK, [Television]
A+E Network Asia, [Television] A+E Networks India, [Television]
History TV18, [Television]
FYI TV18, [Television]
A+E Networks Germany, [Television]
A+E Networks Italy, [Television]
A+E Networks Consumer Products, [Consumer Goods]
A+E Studios, [Television]
A+E IndieFilms, [Film]
A+E Films [Film]
A+E Networks Digital [Misc.]
History Network, [Television] History, [Television]
Military History, [Television]
History en Espanol, [Television]
H2, [Television]
Lifetime Entertainment Services, [Television] Lifetime, [Television]
Lifetime Movies, [Television/Film]
Lifetime Real Women, [Television]
Lifetime Movie Club, [Television/Film]
Lifetime Radio for Women, [Music/Radio]
Lifetime Press [Publishing]
Lifetime Digital [Misc.]
Vice Media Inc., [Misc.] Viceland, [Television]
ABC Entertainment Group ABC Digital, [Misc.]
ABC Entertainment, [Television]
ABC Studios, [Television] ABC Signature, [Television]
Greengrass Productions, [Television]
Keep Calm and Carry On Productions, [Television]
Victor Television Productions, [Television]
ABC/Kane Productions, [Television]
Times Square Studios, [Television] ABC Daytime, [Television]
Valleycrest Productions Ltd., [Television]
ABC Media Productions, [Television]
ABC Family Worldwide, [Television] Freeform, [Television]
ABC Family Digital, [Television]
ProdCo Inc., [Television]
BVS Entertainment, [Television] Saban/Fox Kids, [Television]
DePatie-Freleng Enterprises, [Television]
ABC-Owned Television Stations WLS-7 (Chicago) [Television]
KFSN-30 (Fresno) [Television]
KTRK-13 (Houston) [Television]
KABC-7 (Los Angeles) [Television]
WABC-7 (New York City) [Television]
WPVI-6 (Philadelphia) [Television]
WTVD-11 (Raleigh-Durham) [Television]
KGO-7 (San Fransisco) [Television]
Live Well Network [Television]
Disney Channels Worldwide [Television] Disney Channel [Television]
Disney Junior [Television]
Disney XD [Television]
Broadcast Satellite Disney Co. Ltd. [Television]
Radio Disney, [Music/Radio] KRDC (AM) [Music/Radio]
Disney Television Animation [Television]
It’s a Laugh Productions [Television]
ESPN Inc. [Television] ESPN [Television]
ESPN2 [Television]
ESPN3 [Television]
ESPN on ABC [Television]
ESPNews [Television]
ESPN Deportes [Television]
ESPN Films [Television]
ESPNU [Television]
ESPN Classic [Television]
BT Sport ESPN [Television]
ESPN Now, [Misc.]
ESPN PPV [Television]
Longhorn Network [Television]
SEC Network [Television]
ESPN Events [Misc.]
ESPN Radio [Music/Radio]
ESPN the Magazine [Publishing]
ESPN Books [Publishing]
ESPN Home Entertainment, [Film]
ESPN Outdoors [Television] BASS [Misc.]
ESPN Digital Center [Misc.]
ESPN International [Television] Sony ESPN [Television]
CTV Specialty Television Inc. [Television] Discovery Channel Canada [Television]
RDS Info [Television]
Animal Planet Canada [Television]
Discovery Science Canada [Television]
Discovery Velocity [Television]
ESPN Classic Canada [Television]
Réseau des sports (RDS) [Television]
RDS2 [Television]
TSN1 [Television]
TSN2 [Television]
TSN3 [Television]
TSN4 [Television]
TSN5 [Television]
Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International [Misc.] ABC National Television Sales [Misc.] ABC Regional [Misc.]
ABC Spark IP [Misc.]
BAMTech [Misc.] Cake Solutions [Misc.]
ESPN+ [Misc.]
Disney Streaming Service [Misc.]
Disney Digital Network [Misc.]
Disney Channels Worldwide [Misc.] Disney Channel [Misc.]
Disney Cinemagic [Misc.]
Disney Junior [Misc.]
Disney XD [Misc.]
Dlife [Misc.]
Hungama TV [Misc.]
Disney-ABC Home Entertainment and Television Distribution [Misc.] Disney-ABC Domestic Television [Misc.]
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment [Misc.]
Disney Media Distribution [Misc.]
Hulu [Misc.]
Movies Anywhere [Misc.]
Walt Disney Company Latin America [Misc.] Miravista Films [Film]
The Walt Disney Company Argentina [Misc.] Patagonik Film Group, [Film]
Disney Television (Germany) Inc. [Television]
RTL Disney TV Limited Partnership [Television] Kividoo [Television]
Scoyo Learning Platform [Misc.]
Super RTL Network, Germany [Television]
Toggolino Club [Television]
Toggo Plus Network [Television]
Tele-Munich Television Media Participation Limited Partnership [Television] ATV Private Limited Partnership [Television] ATV2 Channel, Austria [Television]
RTL 2 Limited Partnership [Television] RTL II Channel, Germany [Television]
RTL II HD Channel, Germany [Television]
RTL 2 Austria [Television]
TM-TV GMBH [Television] Tele 5 Germany [Television]
Tele 5 HD Germany [Television]
Tele 5 Austria [Television]
Walt Disney Co. Ltd. Japan [Misc.] Studio Entertainment, [Film] Walt Disney Studios Japan [Film]
Disney Music Group [Music/Radio]
Disney Character Voice International [Film]
Disney Theatrical Group [Theater]
Media Networks [Television] Walt Disney Television International Japan [Television] Disney Channel Japan [Television]
Disney Junior [Television]
Disney XD [Television]
Media Distribution [Television]
Disney Interactive Group Japan [Misc.] Disney Online [Misc.]
Disney Mobile [Misc.]
Disney Interactive Studios [Misc.]
Parks and Resort Disney Destination International
Disney Vacation Club Japan
Disney Consumer Products Disney Publishing Worldwide Japan
Disney Store Japan
Broadcast Satellite Disney Co. Dlife Channel
The Walt Disney Company (India) Private Limited [Misc./Gaming] UTV Software Communications [Misc.] UTV Communications LLC [Misc.]
IG Interactive Entertainment Ltd. [Misc.]
UTV Global Broadcasting Ltd. [Misc.]
UTV TV Content Ltd. [Misc.]
UTV Games Ltd. [Gaming]
First Future Agri & Developers Ltd. [Misc.]
UTV Motion Pictures PLC [Film] UTV Toons
UTV New Media Ltd. [Misc.]
UTV Indiagames [Gaming]
UTV Ignition Entertainment Ltd. [Gaming]
True Games Interactive [Gaming]
Genx Entertainment Ltd. [Television]
UTV Entertainment Television Ltd. [Television]
UTV Tele-Talkies Ltd. [Misc.]
RB Entertainment Ltd. [Misc.]
Vikatan UTV Content Ltd. [Misc.]
Screenshot Television Ltd. [Television]
The Walt Disney Company Iberia S.L. [Television] Sociedad Gestora de Television NET TV SA [Television] Disney Channel Spain HD [Television]
Disney Channel Spain [Television]
Intereconomiá TV [Television]
Disney Channel Spanish +1 [Television]
Disney Channel Voices International [Film/Television’
Steamboat Ventures Anova Data [Misc.]
Baynote [Misc.]
Edgecast [Misc.]
Elemental Technologies [Film]
EMN8 [Misc.]
Fanzter Inc. [Misc.]
Fastclick [Misc.]
FreeWheel [Misc.]
GameSalad [Gaming]
GoPro, [Film/Misc.]
Greystripe [Gaming]
Iridigm Display Corporation [Misc.]
Tique (dba Joyus) [Misc.]
Kapow Software [Misc.]
Kyte [Misc.]
MediaOcean [Misc.]
Move Networks [Misc.]
Passenger [Misc.]
Photobucket [Misc.]
Playdom [Gaming]
Popular Media [Misc.]
Pure Digital Technologies [Misc.]
Quigo Technologies [Misc.]
RazorGator [Misc.]
Reply [Misc.]
Rosum Corporation [Misc.]
Scrapblog [Misc.]
Sometrics [Gaming]
Vobile [Misc.]
Voodoovox [Music/Radio]
Chinese Holdings 51Fanli [Misc.]
Bokecc [Misc.]
Cocoa China [Gaming]
DaVDian [Misc.]
FunPlus [Gaming]
Globaltime [Misc.]
Gridsum Technology [Misc.]
Netmovie [Misc.]
Shangpin [Misc.]
Troodon [Gaming]
Ulink [Misc.]
UUSee [Misc.]
Wosai [Misc.]
Wuyou [Finance]
Xiao Tang [Misc.]
Youxigu [Gaming]
Yoyi Media [Misc.]
YY [Misc.
Sphero [Consumer Goods]
Silver Creek Pictures Inc. [Film]
Catalyst Investments LLC [Finance]
Carousel Holdings EAT LLC, [Property and Parks]
Axman Realty Corp., [Property and Parks]
Boss Realty Inc., [Property and Parks]
Commercial Apartment Properties Inc., [Property and Parks]
The Celebration Co., [Property and Parks]
Disney Keystone Properties Inc., [Property and Parks]
Disney Realty Inc., [Property and Parks]
The Dolphin Hotel Inc., [Property and Parks]
Homestead Homes Inc., [Property and Parks]
The Little Lake Bryan Co., [Property and Parks]
Maple Leaf Commercial Properties Inc., [Property and Parks]
The Swan Hotel Inc., [Property and Parks]
Walt Disney Properties Corp., [Property and Parks]
Buena Vista Street, Burbank CA, [Property and Parks] Pine Woods Properties Inc., [Property and Parks]
Holmes Houses Inc., [Property and Parks]
Key Bridge Properties Inc., [Property and Parks]
Lake Bryan Inc., [Property and Parks]
Madeira Land Co. Inc., [Property and Parks]
Magnolia Creek Development Co., [Property and Parks]
Arvida Disney Financial Services Inc. [Finance] Arvida Real Estate Capital Inc., [Property and Parks]
Billy B. Productions Inc. [Theater]
Bird-in-Hand Woodworks Inc. [Misc.]
Blue Note Management Corp. [Misc.]
DCSR Inc. [Misc.]
Disney Fine Art [Misc.]
Disney Interfinance Corp. [Finance]
Disney Youth Programs [Misc.}
ERS Investment Ltd. [Finance]
Brothers Property Company [Property and Parks]
Indian Warrior Productions Inc. [Film]
J.B. Productions Inc. [Television]
Kelly Management Inc., [Property and Parks]
WW LBV Inc., [Property and Parks]
Montrose Corp. [Misc.]
One For All Productions Inc. [Theater/Film]
Palm Hospitality Co., [Property and Parks]
Plymouth Productions [Film]
SuperComm Inc. [Film]
Theme Park Productions Inc. [Property and Parks]
WCO Inc. [Property and Parks]
WDT Services Inc. [Misc.]
WDW Services Inc. [Misc.]
Wanderlust Productions Inc. [Film]


Company, Logo, Profits, [Industry] Nested Company 1 [Industry] Nested Company 2 [Industry] Industry
Marvel Studios, [Film] Marvel Music, [Publishing/Comics]
Marvel Film Productions LLC (Delaware), [Film]
MVL Development LLC (Delaware), [Film]
MVL Productions LLC, [Film]
MVL Film Finance LLC, [Finance]
MVL Rights LLC, [Misc.]
Iron Works Productions LLC, [Finance]
Incredible Production (Delaware), [Film]
Asgard Productions LLC (Delaware), [Film]
Marvel Entertainment, [Publishing, Film] Cover Concepts Inc. [Publishing]
Marvel Characters Inc. [Finance]
Marvel Television, [Television] Marvel Animation, [Television]
SH DTV Partners, [Television]
Squad Productions LLC (Delaware), [Television]
Green Guy Toons LLC (Delaware), [Television]
MVL Iron Works Productions Canada Inc. [Television/Film]
MVL Incredible Productions Canada Inc. [Television/Film]
Marvel Entertainment International Limited (United Kingdom) [Television/Film]
Marvel Internet Productions LLC (Delaware) [Television/Film]
Marvel Property Inc. (Delaware)[Television/Film]
MVL Development LLC. (Delaware) [Misc.] [Television/Film]
Marvel International Character Holdings LLC (Delaware) [Television/Film]
MRV Inc. (Delaware) [Television/Film]
MVL International C.V. (The Netherlands) [Television/Film]
Marvel Characters B.V. (The Netherlands) [Finance]
Marvel Worldwide Inc. [Publishing], Marvel Comics [Publishing]
Marvel Press [Publishing]
Marvel Custom Solutions [Publishing]
Marvel Toys [Consumer Goods] Marvel Toys Limited (Hong Kong) [Consumer Goods]

21st Century Fox*

Company, Logo, Profits, [Industry] Nested Company 1 [Industry] Nested Company 2 [Industry] Industry
Fox Entertainment Group [Film/Television] 20th Century Fox [Film] 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment [Film]
Fox 21 Television Studios [Television]
20th Century Fox Television [Television]
20th Television [Television] Lincolnwood Drive Inc. [Television]
NGC Studios [Television/Film]
20th Century Fox Animation [Films]
Fox Searchlight Pictures [Films] Searchlight Television [Television]
Zero Day Fox [Misc.]
Fox 2000 Pictures [Film]
Fox Digital Entertainment [Misc.]
Blue Sky Studios [Film]
Fox Star Studios (India) [Film]
Fox Studios Australia [Film]
New Regency Productions [Film] Regency Television [Television]
BabyFirst [Television]
Fox Star Studios [Film]
Fox Networks Group [Television] FX Networks [Television] FX [Television]
FXX [Television]
FXM [Television]
Fox Crime [Television]
FX Productions [Television]
Fox Life [Television]
BabyTV [Television]
Fox Digital Media [Television]
National Geographic Channels [Television] National Geographic Channel (US) [Television]
National Geographic Channel (International) [Television]
Nat Geo Wild [Television]
Nat Geo Kids [Television]
Fox Sports Media Group [Television] Fox Sports Network [Television] Arizona [Television]
Detroit [Television]
Florida/Sun [Television]
Midwest [Television]
North [Television]
Ohio [Television]
South [Television]
Southwest [Television]
West/Prime Ticket [Television]
Wisconsin [Television]
YES Network [Television]
Fox Soccer Plus [Television]
National Geographic Partners National Geographic [Television]
Nat Geo Wild [Television]
Nat Geo Kids [Television]
Nat Geo Music [Television]
Nat Geo People [Television]
National Geographic Magazine [Publishing]
NGC Studios [Film, Television, Misc.]
Star TV [Television]
Hulu [Misc.]
Sky PLC [Television] Sky UK [Television]
Sky Ireland [Television]
Sky Deutschland [Television]
Sky Italia [Television]
Amstrad [Misc.]
The Cloud [Misc.]
Endemol Shine Group [Television] Shine Digital [Misc.]
Shine Pictures [Film]
Shine 360 [Misc.]
Endemol Shine North America [Television]
Endemol Shine UK [Television] Dragonfly Film and Television
Tiger Aspect Productions
Kudos Film and Television Lovely Day
Princess Productions
Endemol Shine Australia [Television]
Endemol Shine France [Television]
Endemol Shine Germany [Television]
Endemol Shine Iberia [Television]
Endemol Shine Nordics [Television]
Endemol Shine Thailand [Television]
Endemol Shine India [Television]
Endemol Shine Middle East [Television]
Bossa Studios [Gaming]
ChannelFlip [Misc.]
Brown Eyed Boy [Misc.]
Good Catch [Gaming]

What companies does Disney own?

Our map of companies owned by Disney is huge! It’s easy to get lost in the weeds. So here’s a much simpler list of companies Disney owns that aren’t as obvious (or don’t sport “Disney” in the name):

  • ABC
  • ESPN (80% stake)
  • Touchstone Pictures
  • Marvel
  • Lucasfilm
  • A&E (50% equity holding with Hearst Corporation)
  • The History Channel (50% equity holding with Hearst Corporation)
  • Lifetime (50% equity holding with Hearst Corporation)
  • Pixar
  • Hollywood Records
  • Vice Media (10% stake)
  • Core Publishing

Besides these, there are also the more obvious companies: Disney television channels, Disney stores, Disney radio stations, and Disney parks (including Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Disney Cruise Line, and a host of other vacation-related properties). Their parks and properties tend to be the corporation’s biggest cash cows.

So just how many companies does Disney own? There are hundreds of individual companies under the umbrella of the Walt Disney Company, but what’s interesting and important is that the corporation has a hand in many other companies besides ones in which they have sole ownership.

What does Disney own as far as recognizable brands and film franchises?

Disney-owned companies have characters and brands that are spread throughout mass media. Here’s just a sampling of a few of them:

  • Star Wars
  • The Muppets
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe (but not the X-Men — yet!)
  • Disney Princesses/Princes (such as characters from Cinderella, Mulan, Frozen, Aladdin, and The Lion King)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia Franchise
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise
  • Pixar Films (such as Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Cars)
  • The Winnie the Pooh Franchise
  • The Indiana Jones Franchise
  • Grey’s Anatomy (and other popular ABC shows)

What companies does Disney own that we’ve never heard of?

Fold back the plastic layer of pleasantly drawn faces and great films, and you’ll find deeper layers, deeper cogs that hint at how the entire company ticks. Disney subsidiaries tend to fold oddly into each other, so here’s some that could fly under the radar:

  • Maker Studios: It’s a production company for popular YouTube channels that has since been folded into other areas of the company after a troubled few years.
  • Steamboat Ventures: It’s a venture capital company that invests in some of the Web’s top startups. For instance, the popular GoPro, Photobucket, and a host of Chinese social media and gaming companies have relationships with Disney through Steamboat Ventures.
  • They also own dozens of miscellaneous property companies from Aulani to Port Canaveral, Florida. Many of these are leftover companies from when Walt had to hide his investments through other company names to buy land for Walt Disney World.
  • International media networks like ATV, RTL 2, RDS, Tele 5, and Kividoo aren’t heard about here but are a big deal abroad.
  • Earth Star Inc. is the company for private jets to cart Disney executives around! There’s also a management company called the Synergy Group.

What media companies does Disney not own?

Does Disney own Universal Studios? No, thankfully not. Universal Studios is, in fact, a longtime enemy and competitor of the mouse. Universal Pictures predated Disney and was founded way back in 1912. In fact, the Universal rights battle with Walt Disney, the man himself, over Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is part of what spawned the creation of Mickey Mouse in the first place.

Is Dreamworks owned by Disney? No. Both Universal Studios and Dreamworks are owned by the mega media conglomerate NBCUniversal, which in turn is owned by Comcast. They own everything from NBC to Telemundo to Syfy.

One of the other companies that own everything is Time Warner Inc., which owns HBO, Warner Bros., the CW, DC Comics, and AOL among other properties. It’s important to remember that Disney isn’t the only huge media conglomerate around!

Also, the popular anime house Studio Ghibli is only distributed by Disney; it’s not owned by it.

What about the Disney-Fox merger?

The Disney-Fox deal, expected to close in the summer of 2019, complicates things a great deal. While a lot of geeks are excited about the creative freedom that comes with the merger regarding Marvel copyrights, and film fans are nerding out about potential reboots of popular franchises like Alien, the Fox merger is also a little bit scary. When Disney buys Fox, there’s a great risk of potential media monopolies. Popular Disney assets like ESPN would be owned by the same company that owns its major competitor, Fox Sports. ABC and Fox News would also compete and be owned by the same company. Some aspects of Fox will be split off into their own company, now nicknamed “Diet Fox.” Even so, this would really increase the things Disney owns in our pop culture: shows like The Simpsons, American Horror Story, American Idol, and Family Guy, films like Alien, Home Alone, Avatar, Deadpool, and Independence Day, and massively important media brands like National Geographic and Hulu.

The answer to the question, “What companies are owned by Disney?” is going to change drastically in the next few years as more media corporations gobble each other up. Will we end up with three huge media companies, or two, or one? Will we have one mega-conglomerate of everything creative being controlled by Disney? Will the owners still remember that it all began with a mouse?