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Can I get
a loan?

Can I Get a Loan?

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes an emergency can catch you by surprise. When you need money fast, you might ask yourself, “Can I get a loan?” Traditional loans are not always easy to come by, especially if you have poor credit. You might end up with an unfavorable loan with a high interest rate, or you might even get rejected altogether. Also, traditional loans can take several weeks to get approved. TitleMax® offers a solution to this problem. With us, loan eligibility isn’t dependent on the status of your credit. Learning more about getting an auto title loan, also known as a title pawn, can set your mind at ease when you quickly need cash.

What You Need to Qualify for a Car Title Loan

Because all credit is accepted, we do have some other requirements that you must meet for loan eligibility. Since you’re using the value of your car as collateral, you must have a car with a lien-free title. You must own the car outright, and your name must be listed as the owner on the title. The make, model, and year of your car aren’t an issue when it comes to qualifying for our auto title loan. You will also need a government-issued ID and a regular source of income. The latter can be anything from a pension or salary, to disability or unemployment. When you meet all of these requirements, you can use the store locator on our website to find a TitleMax® location in your area. If you prefer to apply for a car title loan online, you can do so right on our website.

What to Expect From a Car Title Loan

When you choose TitleMax® for your title loan, we will appraise your car to determine its value. Appraisal by a professional will take as little as 5 minutes. The amount of money we can loan you will depend on how much you need and on the value of your car. To get an idea of the value of your car before applying for a loan with us, visit the Kelley Blue Book website. On this website, you can enter your car’s year, make, model, and mileage to get a rough estimate of its value. After appraising your car and completing the loan application, we can tell you how much you’re approved for. Typically, customers can get the cash they need in as little as 30 minutes after applying.

Paying Off a Car Title Loan

TitleMax® will work with you to determine the best payment plan to repay your loan. While you’re making payments on the loan, we will hold onto your car title as collateral. After you make your last payment, we will return your car title to you. If you ever need cash in a hurry again, we will be there for you to repeat the process. The benefit of using TitleMax® for your car title loan is our stellar reputation. Most car title lenders are known to have high interest rates, but we charge incredibly competitive interest rates, so your payment plan could be more manageable. If you already have a title loan with another company and are burdened by the high interest rate, contact us. We may be able to refinance your current loan and provide you with a lower interest rate that’s easier to manage. Even if you want to pay off your loan early, which is generally recommended, we won’t charge you a pre-payment penalty.

TitleMax® makes it easy for you to get approved. You can apply online, but we also have more than 1,000 locations in 16 states, so there’s bound to be a location near you. Also, you can rest assured that your information is in good hands. We’ve been providing customers with convenient loans since 1998 and take pride in our quality customer service. If you’re still wondering, “Can I get a loan?”, you can always call our toll-free number with any questions regarding loan eligibility. We understand that sudden financial expenses can cause excessive stress. We’re here to help you relieve some of that stress. When you need cash fast, TitleMax® can help.