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Can You Get a Title Loan With a Lien?

Title loans are ideal solutions when you need cash fast. As long as you have a consistent income and a car title, you are eligible to get a loan. This is a great way to get emergency cash in-between paydays or to pay unexpected bills in a hurry. And you do not have to have excellent credit in order to be approved. Find out why so many people turn to title loans when they need money quickly, by taking the time to learn more about the car title loan process.

Many people wonder, “Can you get a title loan with a lien?” While the terms for borrowing money against your car’s title are basically the same everywhere you go, there may be some difference from one company to the next, and therefore, you should always make sure you understand all of the terms involved in your agreement before you take out a title loan. When you choose to borrow money from TitleMax®, you will work with one of our professional representatives who will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about getting a car title loan.

Is it Possible to Get Title Loans with Liens?

There are some lending companies or pawn locations that will allow you to get a title loan with lien conditions in place; however, there are some limitations with these types of loans, and it is important that you completely understand how the entire process works before you sign any paperwork. Sometimes, a company will use the loan amount that you are approved for to first pay off the lien on the vehicle. You are then given the remainder of the money to use for your own personal needs. This can be discouraging if you go into this type of situation believing that you will receive a certain amount of money, only to find out that you will actually receive half, or less than half of that amount.

At TitleMax®, we provide our customers with up-front answers to their questions and explain all of the details of the loan so that they will have all of the information needed in order to make the right decision.

Can You Get a Title Loan With a Lien at TitleMax®?

At TitleMax®, we offer a range of title loan options with competitive interest rates. However, we only provide our customers with car title loans on lien-free titles.

So what exactly is a title loan with lien conditions in place? It is when you have financed your car and you are still making payments on it. Until the car is completely paid for and you own a lien-free title, you will be unable to use it for collateral at TitleMax® and many other auto title loan locations.

How Do Title Loans at TitleMax® Work?

Though you may be unable to obtain title loans with liens, TitleMax® still offers many options for car and motorcycle owners. You have the option to apply for a title loan online or at one of the many TitleMax® locations across the United States. All you need to apply is a government-issued ID, proof of income, and a lien-free car title.

If you visit a TitleMax® location, a representative will do a quick appraisal of your car in order to determine how much money you can borrow. The appraisal value and the amount of cash that you need will help us to provide you with the right amount to suit your own financial needs. Once you are approved, you will receive your cash and be able to keep driving your vehicle while you make regular payments to us in order to get your title back™. Once you have paid back your loan in full, we release the lien on your car, and you will get your title back™ the very same day. It is a simple and easy process that has helped thousands of satisfied customers take care of their money issues and retain the use of their car. That is why so many people turn to TitleMax® for their short-term lending needs. Call us or visit us today to find out more about how we can help you get back on your feet and get your title back™ with TitleMax®.