Everything Facebook Owns: Mergers and Acquisitions from the Past 15 Years

What companies does Facebook own? As this social media powerhouse continues to grow and expand its social network with new technologies, many have found themselves asking this very question. Since its first acquisition in 2005, it has spent more than $23 billion on a variety of tech, app, and software companies. A majority of these Facebook acquisitions were undisclosed to the public, so the true number is likely to be even higher.

Does Facebook own Instagram? Does Facebook own WhatsApp? The answers to these questions and more can be found in this chart that explores the many companies owned by Facebook and the technologies that accompanied these acquisitions.

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Everything Facebook Owns Transcript

Mergers and Acquisitions From The Past 15 Years

# Company Location Date Acquired Acquired for (USD) Company Description
1 facebook.com (domain name) USA 8/23/05 200,000 Name change from Thefacebook.com
2 ParaKey USA 7/19/07 undisclosed Offline Applications/ Web OS
3 ConnectU USA 6/23/08 31 million Social Networking
4 FriendFeed USA 8/10/09 47.5 million Real-Time Feed Aggregator
5 Octazen Malaysia 2/19/10 undisclosed Contact Importer
6 Divvyshot USA 3/2/10 undisclosed Photo-Sharing Platform
7 Friendster Patents USA/Malaysia 5/13/10 40 million Social Networking Patents
8 ShareGrove USA 5/26/10 undisclosed Private Content-Sharing
9 Zenbe USA 7/6/10 undisclosed Unified Messaging Platform
10 Nextstop USA 7/8/10 2.5 million Social Travel Recommendations
11 Chai Labs USA 8/15/10 10 million Structured Content Extraction
12 Hot Potato USA 8/20/10 10 million Event-Based Service
13 Drop.io USA 10/29/10 10 million File-Sharing Service
14 FB.com USA 11/15/10 8.5 million Domain Name
15 rel8tion USA 1/25/11 undisclosed Mobile Advertising Platform
16 Beluga USA 3/2/11 undisclosed Group Messaging Service
17 Snaptu Israel 3/20/11 70 million Mobile Application Platform
18 RecRec USA 3/24/11 undisclosed Image Converter
19 DayTum USA 4/27/11 undisclosed Data Organization/Visualization
20 Sofa Netherlands 6/9/11 undisclosed Software Design
21 MailRank USA 6/9/11 undisclosed E-mail Prioritizer
22 Push Pop Press USA 8/2/11 undisclosed Book-App Publisher
23 Friend.ly USA 10/10/11 undisclosed Social Question and Answer Service
24 Strobe USA 11/8/11 undisclosed HTML5 App Platform
25 Gowalla USA 12/2/11 3 million (rumored) Location Sharing Service
26 Caffeinated Mind USA 2/20/12 undisclosed File Transfer Service
27 Instagram USA 4/9/12 1 billion Photo and Video Sharing Social Network
28 Tagtile USA 4/13/12 undisclosed Mobile Loyalty Reward Service
29 Glancee USA 5/5/12 undisclosed Location-Based Discovery App
30 Lightbox.com UK 5/15/12 undisclosed Android Photo Sharing App
31 Karma USA 5/21/12 undisclosed Mobile Commerce
32 Face.com Israel 6/18/12 100 million Facial Recognition
33 Spool USA 7/14/12 undisclosed Mobile Bookmarking Service & Media-Distribution Network
34 Acrylic Software Canada 7/20/12 undisclosed Wallet App and RSS Feed Reader
35 Threadsy USA 8/24/12 undisclosed Social Brand-Influencer Relationship Tool
36 Atlas Solutions USA 2/28/13 Between 50-100 million Microsoft’s Atlas Advertiser Suite
37 osmeta USA 03/2013 undisclosed Stealth Mobile Software
38 Storylane USA 3/2013 undisclosed Blogging/Sharing Platform
39 Hot Studio USA 3/14/13 undisclosed Tools For Brands and Businesses (design firm)
40 Spaceport USA 4/23/13 undisclosed Cross-Platform Mobile Game Framework
41 Parse USA 4/25/13 85 million Mobile-Backend-As-A-Service
42 Monoidics UK 7/18/13 undisclosed Code Verification Software
43 Jibbigo USA 8/12/13 undisclosed Speech Translation App
44 Onavo Israel 10/13/13 Reportedly between 100-200 million Mobile Data Analytics
45 SportStream USA 12/17/13 undisclosed Sports Analytics
46 Little Eye Labs India 1/8/14 Between 10-15 million Android App Performance Analysis
47 Branch USA 1/13/14 15 million Link-Sharing and Social Conversation Service
48 WhatsApp USA 2/19/14 19 billion Messaging App
49 Oculus VR USA 3/25/14 2 billion Virtual Reality Technology
50 Ascenta UK 3/27/14 less than 20 million Solar-Powered Drone Maker
51 ProtoGeo Oy Finland 4/24/14 undisclosed Fitness and Activity Tracking App
52 PrivateCore USA 8/7/14 undisclosed Secure Server Technology Provider
53 LiveRail USA 8/14/14 500 million Video Advertising Technology
54 WaveGroup Sound USA 8/26/14 undisclosed Audio Production
55 Wit.ai USA 1/6/15 undisclosed Voice Recognition Technology
56 Quickfire Networks USA 1/8/15 undisclosed Video Compression Technology
57 The Find, Inc. USA 3/14/15 undisclosed Personalized Shopping Search Engine
58 Surreal Vision UK 5/26/15 undisclosed Virtual Reality Technology
59 Endaga USA 10/3/15 undisclosed Community Cellular Network Provider
60 Pebbles Israel 7/16/15 60 million In Depth-Sensing Technology and Computer Vision (VR)
61 MSQRD (include Masquerade Technologies w logo) Belarus 3/9/16 undisclosed Imaging Technology for Video
62 Two Big Ears (include name with logo) UK 5/23/16 undisclosed Immersive Audio Technology
63 Nascent Objects USA 9/19/16 undisclosed Modular Electronics Platform
64 InfiniLED Ireland 10/10/16 undisclosed Low-Power LED Displays
65 CrowdTangle USA 11/11/16 undisclosed Social Analytics Service for Publishers to Monitor Trending Stories
66 Faciometrics USA 11/16/16 undisclosed Emotion Detection App
67 Zurich Eye Switzerland 11/2016 undisclosed Computer Vision Hardware/Software
68 Ozlo USA 7/31/17 undisclosed Conversational AI
69 Fayteq AG Germany 8/2017 undisclosed Software Add-ons for Video Editing
70 tbh USA 10/16/17 Less than 100 million Anonymous Polling App
71 Confirm.io USA 1/23/18 undisclosed Biometric ID Verification Platform
72 Bloomsbury AI UK 7/2018 Between 23-30 million Natural Language Processing Technology (AI)
73 Redkix Israel 7/26/18 Less than 100 million Enhanced Employee Communications App
74 Vidpresso USA 8/13/18 Undisclosed Interactive Video Technology
75 Dreambit (include name next to logo) Israel 11/28/18 Undisclosed Personalized Image Search Engine
76 Chainspace UK 2/2019 Undisclosed Blockchain
77 GrokStyle USA 2/8/19 Undisclosed Visual Shopping Technology (AI)
78 Servicefriend Israel 9/2019 Undisclosed Customer Service Chat Bots (AI)
79 CTRL-labs USA 9/2019 Reportedly between $500 million and $1 billion Translates Movement and Neural Impulses Into Digital Signals
Year Facebook’s Valuation at Beginning of Year (estimates based off available information)
2005 $100 million
2006 $750 million
2007 $15 billion
2008 $15 billion
2009 $10 billion
2010 $14 billion
2011 $50 billion
2012 $83 billion
2013 $75 billion
2014 $145 billion
2015 $215 billion
2016 $275 billion
2017 $355 billion
2018 $520 billion
2019 $410 billion


How Many Companies Does Facebook Own?

Facebook has acquired 78 companies over the past 15 years. The company’s first major purchase was made on Aug. 23, 2005, when they bought the Facebook.com domain name for $200,000, making the official switch from their original domain, Thefacebook.com.

Out of the 78 companies that Facebook has acquired, the costs for just 27 of them have been disclosed to the public. These 27 deals alone were valued to be worth more than $23 billion; can you imagine how much bigger that number would be if all 78 of the Facebook acquisitions had been disclosed?

These acquisitions aren’t always as simple as Facebook paying millions or billions to own a company outright. Many of these deals, especially the undisclosed ones, were for not only the technology that the companies created but for the talented people running these companies and creating these technologies to join the Facebook team.

What Companies Are Owned by Facebook?

Some of the top companies Facebook has acquired include:

  • Instagram ($1 billion)
  • WhatsApp ($19 billion)
  • Oculus VR ($2 billion)
  • com (undisclosed sum)
  • LiveRail ($500 million)
  • Threadsy (undisclosed sum)

While technologies involving mobile commerce, enhanced communication, photo and video sharing, mobile games, and sports analytics are what you’d expect to see in Facebook’s toolbox, you may be surprised at others. Some of Facebook’s more interesting purchases include an emotion detection app, facial recognition software, and a solar-powered drone maker. In more recent years, Facebook has also had a heavier focus on companies that work with artificial intelligence or virtual reality technology. It’s clear that Facebook has put an emphasis on using a variety of new technologies to advance their brand and to expand far beyond being just a social media network that shares photos, videos, and likes.

The 10 Biggest Disclosed Facebook Acquisitions

  1. WhatsApp ($19 billion)
  2. Oculus VR ($2 billion)
  3. Instagram ($1 billion)
  4. CRTL-labs (between $500 million and $1 billion)
  5. LiveRail ($500 million)
  6. Onavo (between $100 million and $200 million)
  7. tbh (less than $100 million)
  8. Redkix (less than $100 million)
  9. Parse ($85 million)
  10. Atlas Solutions (between $50 million and $100 million)

When Did Facebook Acquire Instagram?

Facebook bought Instagram on April 9, 2012, for $1 billion, its largest acquisition at the time. While Instagram wasn’t the biggest of all of the Facebook acquisitions, it’s still talked about as being one of the best business acquisitions in Silicon Valley history. When Facebook bought Instagram, the photo-sharing app had only 30 million users and no revenue. Today Instagram boasts a billion monthly active users, with 500 million of them using the platform every day, and is estimated to have contributed $8-9 billion to Facebook’s revenue in 2018.

Who Owns Facebook?

Facebook became a publicly traded company in 2012 after it became too big and had too many shareholders to continue as a private company. It priced its initial public offering at a value of $104 billion, the largest valuation of an American company at the time. Before Facebook went public, it was owned by its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook’s Top 5 Shareholders

  1. Mark Zuckerberg — 11.92 million Class A shares and 392.71 million Class B shares (53.3% voting power)
  2. Dustin Moskovitz — 48.9 million Class B shares
  3. Eduardo Saverin — 6.1 million Class A shares and 47.2 million Class B shares
  4. Jan Koum — 14.2 million Class A shares
  5. Sheryl Sandberg — 1.5 million Class A shares and 2 million Class B shares

Class A shareholders get one vote per share; Class B shareholders get 10 votes per share.

What Is Facebook’s Future?

Facebook tends to be tight-lipped about their plans for the company, so no one knows for sure what their next move will be, but plenty of guesses are being made. It’s possible that Yelp could be a future Facebook acquisition, giving the company a way to expand its online advertising and enter the lucrative food discovery and delivery market. Facebook also plans to launch its own digital currency called Libra in 2020, so we can expect to see more acquisitions to help this new venture run.