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9555 S. Eastern Ave., Ste. 105
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 263-7655


9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
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The S. Eastern Avenue TitleMax store has been providing residents of the Las Vegas area with car title loans since May 2011. We are located off of 215 and Eastern. If you live in or around the greater Las Vegas area and are in need of some fast cash, stop by the S. Eastern Avenue TitleMax store or call us today at (702) 263-7655 to get approved for a title loan fast.

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Product Details

  • Most credit types accepted
  • Cash in as little as 30 minutes
  • Keep driving your vehicle

LAS VEGAS NV 5 – S. EASTERN AVE. Title Loan Requirements

You only need to have a few things to get a title loan with us!

  • Car or motorcycle
  • Clear car or motorcycle title
  • Proof of income ***
  • Valid government-issued ID (Matricula Card accepted)

Las Vegas NV 5 - S. Eastern Ave. Customer Reviews

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  • Matthew S.

    5 Star Review

    Very Friendly and good experience highly recommend

  • Deborah L.

    5 Star Review

    Great service

  • Audrey W.

    5 Star Review


  • Erica S.

    1 Star Review

    WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! I have had a loan with Title Max before and everything was great. This however, was horrible and I will never be back and make sure I tell everyone to watch out for these people. They totally scammed me. I had been talking with them for three days about my situation. I went in and gave them all my information, they took pictures of the vehicle, copies of the title, and processed the majority or the loan. The young lady that was helping me was very friendly and easy to work with. The title was not in my name yet but was a clean title that had been signed over to me. The "manager" was helping walk her through how to handle this type of situation and even said, "let's make sure we can get her the amount she is looking for before she wastes her time going to the dmv". They ask me how much I need and how much I would sell it for. I tell them I need 1200 at the least, need more like 1500 and would sell it for 2k although I wasnt interested in selling it to them. They run the info through the computer, pull me up as a returning customer by my phone number, and the "manager" who is standing behind the young lady says, " we can get you what you are looking for about 1200". He walks off and I ask the girl, can you do 14? She says, "you have some wiggle room. I think you can do that". I ask about interest rate and she tells me that's the only thing we won't know until you get back but it ranges from 9%-16% (I am not sure if she said 9 point something or 16 point something, I just remember that part). I ask about penalty for paying off loan early. She says absolutely not. They instruct me to go to dmv, transfer the title into my name, add them as a lienholder, and at the very least I need to have a ten day moving permit or register it. They ask about insurance, which I have and then the "manager" goes and writes down their info and number I am supposed to give the dmv to add them as lienholder. I then go spend the next two and a half hours doing EXACTLY as they instructed. I return to the store to find the young lady has gone home for the day and the "manager" informs me that he can give me 600. He claims my "internal score" is too low to give me what they agreed to BEFORE I added them as a lienholder. I was SOOOO upset, mad, and crying. It was too late to go back to DMV and I really needed the money. We had discussed all of the things about my situation prior to me going to DMV...my credit, my previous loan with them, EVERYTHING! He asks me if I want the 600 or not and proceeds to help another customer while I "think" about it. I tell him I am not walking out of there empty handed when I just added them as a LIENHOLDER on my vehicle. He says I can go back to the DMV tomorrow and cancel it. Really? First of all, I don't have time to sit at the DMV for another several hours and second of all, I am fairly certain I can't just go to the DMV and say, "remove that lienholder from my title" and they just say ok. If so, people would be removing lienholders from their titles all the time. I was so upset and unsure of what to do at that point that I ended up taking the 680 check and signing something although I am not sure what. To make matters worse he didn't go over the terms of the loan and didn't provide me with any paperwork what so ever. I was so upset that I didn't realize until I got home but I am sure that is part of their little scam. They NEVER told me the loan amount was contingent upon anything other than the value of the car and as a returning customer who paid off the previous loan I had with them IN FULL, this should not have gone this way. I still haven't cashed the check or figured out how to proceed from here but I am VERY UNHAPPY and DISSATISFIED. BORROWERS BEWARE!!!! SCAM ALERT!!!!

  • Randall P.

    5 Star Review

    Excellent customer service !

  • Reynaldo P.

    5 Star Review

    Excellent Customer Service ..

  • Wt G.

    5 Star Review

    Great customer service and very easy to do business with.

  • Reynaldo P.

    5 Star Review

    Excellent Customer Service .

  • Linda H.

    5 Star Review

    Excellent service. Momi Madrona was friendly and knowledgeable.

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