The United States of Sandwiches

Written by Carly Hallman

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich? We took a look at each individual state to put together the United States of Sandwiches, featuring some of the most classic specialty sandwiches ever. From Alabama’s pulled chicken with white sauce to the trout sandwich in Wyoming, you’ll have to try a few (or all of these) because they’re not only tasty but you’ll be trying plenty of new sandwiches!

So who’s hungry? Let’s take a look at the specialty sandwiches from every state across America.

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Connecticut and Maine prefer their lobster rolls slightly different.

This classic is a staple in two Northeast states, but Connecticut and Maine have their own unique takes on the popular lobster roll. In Connecticut, they prefer to serve it hot, tossing a quarter-pound of lobster meat onto a bun and drenching it in melted, creamy butter. In Maine, on the other hand, you’ll see that the lobster is served cold on a grilled, hot bun. The lobster itself is tossed with mayonnaise, chopped celery, and a squeeze of lemon. You can’t go wrong with either!

Wisconsin is the place to get the greatest grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Badger State is known for their cheese, as they produce a good amount of America’s cheese supply! As you might expect, those in Wisconsin have been known to get creative with their grilled cheese sandwiches. One of the classics is a traditional grilled cheese sandwich topped with broccoli, roasted carrots, and red onions. To those in Wisconsin, there’s not much better than putting on a cheese hat, tailgating with some unique grilled cheese sandwiches, and watching a Green Bay Packers home game at Lambeau Field.

The classic pulled pork sandwich is a staple in both North Carolina and South Carolina, each with their own unique twists.

People in these bordering states love a good pulled pork sandwich, but you’ll find that they present them a little differently. In North Carolina, the sandwich more often than not consists of dry-rubbed and smoked pork shoulder tossed in some sweet barbecue sauce. Below the state line, it’s more common to find this same sandwich topped with “gold sauce,” which is a tasty mix of yellow mustard, brown sugar, and vinegar.
Here are 50 sandwiches representing all 50 states across America!

  1. Alabama: Pulled chicken with white sauce
  2. Alaska: Salmon sandwich
  3. Arizona: Navajo taco
  4. Arkansas: Fried bologna sandwich
  5. California: French dip
  6. Colorado: Denver sandwich
  7. Connecticut: Hot lobster roll
  8. Delaware: The Bobbie
  9. Florida: The Cuban
  10. Georgia: Pimento cheese sandwich
  11. Hawaii: Hawaiian barbecue Kalua pork sandwich
  12. Idaho: Peanut butter and huckleberry jam
  13. Illinois: Italian beef
  14. Indiana: Pork tenderloin sandwich
  15. Iowa: Loose meat sandwich
  16. Kansas: Burnt ends
  17. Kentucky: Hot brown
  18. Louisiana: Muffuletta
  19. Maine: Lobster roll
  20. Maryland: Crab cake sandwich
  21. Massachusetts: The fluffernutter
  22. Michigan: The Reuben
  23. Minnesota: Fried walleye
  24. Mississippi: Grilled shrimp po’ boy
  25. Missouri: Hot salami
  26. Montana: Pork chop sandwich
  27. Nebraska: The Blackstone Reuben
  28. Nevada: Patty melt
  29. New Hampshire: Roast beef sandwich
  30. New Jersey: Italian sub
  31. New Mexico: Green chile cheeseburger
  32. New York: Pastrami on rye
  33. North Carolina: Pulled pork sandwich
  34. North Dakota: Sloppy joe
  35. Ohio: Polish boy
  36. Oklahoma: Chicken-fried steak sandwich
  37. Oregon: Fried chicken biscuit sandwich
  38. Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak
  39. Rhode Island: Fried clam roll
  40. South Carolina: Pulled pork with “gold sauce”
  41. South Dakota: Pheasant sandwich
  42. Tennessee: The Elvis
  43. Texas: Smoked brisket
  44. Utah: Pastrami burger
  45. Vermont: The Vermonter
  46. Virginia: Country ham sandwich
  47. Washington: Banh mi
  48. West Virginia: Sausage biscuit
  49. Wisconsin: Grilled cheese sandwich
  50. Wyoming: Trout sandwich

How many of these sandwiches have you already tried? If it’s not all 50, then now is the time to start checking off the list!

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