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About TitleMax Car Title Loans

TitleMax is one of the nation’s largest and most reputable title lending companies. Since its inception in 1998, TitleMax has expanded to over 1,350 stores spanning 16 states. TitleMax strives to offer rates that are much lower than the industry standard, while providing a superior level of customer service.

Why TitleMax?

TitleMax provides title loans to over 2,500 people every day. They choose TitleMax because:

  • TitleMax offers more cash – title loans up to $10,000!*
  • TitleMax doesn’t check your credit – you’re approved!
  • TitleMax has competitive rates!
  • TitleMax offers quick approval – get your cash faster!
  • TitleMax doesn’t require auto insurance – getting cash is easy!
  • TitleMax may be able to pay off your current title loan & get you a lower rate with us!§

With over 1,350 convenient locations, getting cash is easy with TitleMax! The title loan process only takes about 30 minutes. And the best part is you get to keep driving your car when you get a TitleMax car title loan.

What products does TitleMax offer?

TitleMax not only offers a simple way to get the money you need when you need it, but we also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and a very easy loan process. We offer a number of different products to fit all types of lifestyles and budgets.

Car Title Loans

TitleMax specializes in Car Title Loans. This is the product that started it all! TitleMax was built on the idea of offering an alternative way for customers who, for whatever reason, could not quality for traditional loans or did not have the time to wait for weeks of approval deliberation. In a mainstream world of banking, forms, and dreaded credit checks, TitleMax strives to be an easy solution for getting the cash. We understand that life is full of unexpected challenges, many of which can only be overcome if you have access to fast cash. That’s why TitleMax offers a car title loan product that allows you to use your car title to obtain the cash you need. Maybe you’ve already gotten a title loan with another company? Well, TitleMax doesn’t want that to stop us from helping you! TitleMax may be able to refinance your existing loan! That’s right- in most cases, we can pay off a title loan you have with a competitor and cut your rate in the process.§ In about 30 minutes, a TitleMax car title loan can put up to $10,000* in your pocket and get your life back on track.

TitleMax offers several product types designed to fit your needs across the United States. That includes a list of 17 states, spanning from coast to coast: Alabama, Arizona, California, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Car Title Pawns

In addition to our car title loan product, we also provide TitleMax Car Title Pawns. A car title pawn is very similar to a car title loan. Our Georgia TitleMax stores, offer title pawns instead of the traditional title loan. Car title pawns come with all the same conveniences as car title loans… you can get up to $10,000 in about 30 minutes with absolutely no credit check! And neither require vehicle insurance to be approved.

Motorcycle Title Loans

Since we first opened our doors for business, TitleMax has always been focused on being a solution to our customer’s financial challenges. From expanding our number of title loan stores to offering new loan products, we are always trying to adapt to the changing world and our customer’s ever-changing needs. So, when we started hearing that our customers needed more title loan options, we delivered. TitleMax now offers motorcycle title loans in our Alabama TitleMax stores and our Tennessee TitleMax stores. Motorcycle title loans work similarly to our car title loan product… you get to use your motorcycle as your collateral, get cash in as little as 30 minutes, then get your motorcycle and title back as soon as you make your last payment. In Alabama, you can get up to $10,000* with a TitleMax motorcycle loan; and, in Tennessee, you can get up to $2,500 with a TitleMax motorcycle title loan. Just like motorcyclists should have the same rights on the road as every other vehicle, TitleMax feels you should have the same rights to alternative loan funding.

Motorcycle Title Pawns

Just as our Georgia stores offer car title pawns instead of car title loans, the same is true for motorcycle title loans and motorcycle title pawns. TitleMax is proud to provide motorcyclists of Georgia an option for getting the cash they need fast through a motorcycle title pawn. All you have to do is bring us your motorcycle and its title, and we’ll be able to get you up to $10,000* in about 30 minutes. We’ll work with you to develop a customized payment, then you’ll get your bike and title back as soon as you make your past payment. There are no credit checks and no unnecessary “other stuff.”

Signature Loans‡

In today’s world, people’s needs are constantly changing. TitleMax want to make sure we can meet those needs. If our customers need more options for getting cash, our customers are going to get more options. That’s why Georgia residents now have access to getting cash with a signature loan. Signature loans take the idea of easy money one step farther. There is no vehicle title required. To get cash with a signature loan, all you need is: a checking account, government-issued ID such as your driver’s license, and either a bank statement or paystub. You can get up to $500 in as little as 30 minutes. And, unlike payday loans, signature loans offer a 30-day pay period so your overall loan experience will be better.

Personal Loans‡

Another option you have for getting cash is with a personal loan, which you can qualify for even if you are making car payments. You can get approved quickly for a personal loan up to $3,000, even if you’re still making payments on your car. As long as you have a government-issued ID, paystub or bank statement, and either are making car payments or have a car title, you’ll be able to get the cash you need with a personal loan. And you’ll have that cash in as little as 30 minutes.

* Maximum loan amount in Ohio and most of Texas is $5,000. Maximum loan amount in Illinois is $4,000. Maximum loan amount in Mississippi and Tennessee is $2,500. Maximum loan amount in select Texas stores is $1,340.

** Loans may require a credit check in California.

*** To be approved for a title loan, you must be at least 18 years of age (19 in Alabama). Loan approval subject to vehicle inspection and appraisal.

† Proof of income is required in Illinois, South Carolina, and California. In California you are also required to provide proof of residency, and a valid vehicle registration to obtain a loan.

‡ All signature and personal loans subject to our liberal credit policies. Signature and personal loans are offered by an affiliate of TitleMax and are currently only available in Georgia and Florida.

§ Refinancing of a competitor’s title loan is not available in Mississippi. In Virginia, refinancing is available for loan amounts over $2,500. Please see a store associate for details. In Illinois, you are required to have reduced your original principal balance by 20% before refinancing. TitleMax brands, including TitleBucks, Instaloan, and Equity Auto Loan, are not considered competitors.

- TitleMax of Virginia, Inc. d/b/a TitleMax is licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission, license number VTL-11.

- TMX Finance of Virginia, Inc. d/b/a TitleMax Loans of Virginia is licensed by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

- In Ohio and some locations in Texas, TitleMax will act as a Credit Services Organization to assist you in obtaining a loan. Your loan may be made by an unaffiliated third party Lender. Please see store associate for details. TitleMax of Ohio, Inc., Credit Services Organization Certificate No: CS.900193.000. Please see Important Texas Disclosures.

- In GA, TitleMax offers Title Pawns.