Ceremonial Vehicles of Government Officials Worldwide

Some Come Standard with Oxygen Systems, Tear Gas and Pints of Blood

Written by Carly Hallman

It’s time to travel in style with presidential cars around the world! We’ve gathered the official state car options of royalty, chancellors, prime ministers, and, yes, presidents. Armored cars from Audi sports cars to the humble Beetle to a tank-like “Beast” drive around the world’s leaders. The vehicles are almost as diverse as they are. Check out our infographic list of presidential vehicles from countries around the globe and see who’s rolling out in a-rockin’ way!

Official Ceremonial Vehicles of World Leaders

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What Is the Car of the President of the United States?

It’s a Cadillac One for President Trump. Car options certainly might get more glamorous, but this Cadillac has a lot more than meets the eye. There are several reasons why it’s earned a strange president’s car name: “the Beast.” The US president, car or no car, needs an intense amount of protection at all times. The president’s “Beast” is equipped with eight-inch-thick doors and an oxygen system and can survive a hit from a roadside bomb. It carries a night-vision camera, tear-gas bombs in the front, a handy shotgun, and pints of the president’s blood type in the back. It’s also bulletproof, of course. It’s functionally a tank. We’d expect nothing less for the car of the president of America.

What About the Other President Cars?

Other countries might be protective of their leaders, but not much can compare with “the Beast.” For instance, for the Russian president, car features include considerably less protection than its Western peer. In fact, one of these vehicles has experienced being in an intense head-on crash that killed his favorite chauffeur. On the other hand, Vladimir Putin’s cars are a fleet rather than one super-powered car, and a new prototype called the “Kortezh” is being produced.

Here’s a handy list of some of the other major official government vehicles of presidents around the world:

  • Australian Prime Minister: He drives a BMW 7 series that’s bulletproof, has an oxygen supply, and is very similar to the US president’s armored car all in all.
  • Chinese General Secretary: The leader of China drives a Hongqi L5, which sports jade door handles and weighs in at 3 tons. It’s a bit more expensive than many others on this list.
  • French President: In France, president car specifications are a little more relaxed. He uses a DS 7 Crossback with an opening roof.
  • Indian Prime Minister: Car specifications for this BMW 7 series include undercarriage armor, emergency exits, and a fire-fighting system. This Indian “president” car also often travels with a decoy.
  • German President: The leader of the homeland of great cars drives, of course, a Mercedes-Benz S600.
  • North Korea Supreme Leader: Another Mercedes driver, the leader of this communist nation drives a 600 Landaulet, despite the fact that the import of luxury goods like this car would constitute a breach of UN sanctions.

Other important world leaders have cars that are as valuable as the car of USA President Trump, if not more. For instance, there’s the Bentley Arnage R of Queen Elizabeth II. The queen has invested 10 million pounds (about $14 million) in her car collection. At the opposite end of the spectrum, other royal cars include the 1949 Humber Pullman of the king of Tonga, whose family is famous for driving modest cars. Another famous vehicle worth noting is that of the pope. Car choices vary for him, but for public appearances, Pope Francis often rides in a specially made Mercedes-Benz M-Class that has a higher area for him to sit and wave at the public.

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